Meet the Team

Pastor Joey Silva joined the staff of Belmont in 2009 as an Assistant Pastor to our previous Student Ministries Pastor.
Pastor Joey assumed the leadership role in the Excel youth ministry at Belmont beginning in February of 2010. He is a product of the Excel Student Ministry, being a part of the group for a number of years initially as an attendee and then in growing responsibilities involving the volunteer leadership team of Excel. This is one of those examples where God develops someone from within the church and then calls them to a ministry role. Now with his wife Cicely and daughter Josie at his side, we are excited about the Silvas and their teams as God continues to grow the Excel Youth ministry at Belmont.

Here are some photos of our amazing leaders that volunteer their time at Excel. Their hearts are being led by God, and in effect, leading the youth of our city. From leading the worship team to making sure Pastor Joey has a bottle of water handy, our leaders want nothing more than for you to know that Excel Student Center is a place to connect with God & His people.